I just luve phat rides!
Cars, tats & big guns are my shit!
Welcome to my car collection!

Let`s start with my everyday ride!
Nahh ridin`small aint my thing...I need to put the shine on 24/7!
So heres my black on blacK:


This is my second Magnum & just luuve this one!
Shes`s tricked out for a fortune with everything custom in black on black!
The car was actually white & the paintjob took about 300 hours to do!
Its thick!!
The inside is also all black with a SICK Bose sound system with 2 Screens...
1 in fron & another in the back!
The sound system actually was built to compete with!
In the pic above I have some black headlight-covers on that the cops hate
but new all black legal custom made headlights are on the way from the states as we speak!
Pics will come!

The 22" rims are also custom painted to fit the rest!
I tell yall that I feel like a motherfucking STAR ridin` this beauty everyday!
Yeah she`s a BEAST!!

Next up is my true monster!
Remember Tony Starks coment in the Avengers movie when they got to war against Thors brother?
He said: Well...we got a HULK!
THATS how I feel about my:


Rallystriped,6" higher than a regular H2 & also wider to fit the Swamper tires
on those 39.5" rims this is the biggest Hummer in Sweden period!

Got a crazy Boose system in this one too with 2 Screens!
This is the ride I drive to the gym everyday in!
It`s always been a dream to have my own Hummer & to be able to buy one cash was a dream come true!
It totally fullfill my 5% lifestyle!!

Fact is I AM Ronnie Coleman when I drive this beast everyday!


The H3 was my first Hummer.
It was neat & I liked it but it was too small for my taste...

Also ha a silver Magnum... Had a ton of love for that car...
But the black one I have today is next levell shit!