Full name: Gerard Blais
Age: 40 (in July)
Height: 5'8"
Training since: With weights at the age at 9
(it was a shoulder workout)but technically at 5 yrs old.
My Dad was (still) a Brick Mason and would take
me with him to work every day.
I would move Block and Brick,mix cement and basically workout hard all day.
That work ethic was forever instilled in me,
not to mention I was a pretty muscular 5 year
Competing since: 1986 -During my active duty in the Military (USMC)
I was given the opportunity to manage a small Fitness Center on Base.
All the members (fellow Jarheads) would constantly sway to do a Bodybuilding show.
I was more or less Power-Building and had put on
a decent foundation of muscularity.
I gave in and entered a show that gave me 8 weeks to prep.
I had no idea what I was doing.
All I ate the last 2 weeks was Grapefruits(8 a day) Not kidding.
Anyway,I showed up and took the Overall.
The show was no joke either. I was hooked!
Off-season weight: Used to come up to around 220 (10 percent)
and stay there half the year and slowly taper down.
These days,this year specifically I kept it down top a stable 200
and felt a lot better.
The closer I get to 40 (and it's coming fast) I want to maintain a more Quality physique.
Contest weight: 185-187 Currentt
residence: New Hampshire(USA).
Occupation: Full time Fitness Professional for a major Health Club
(Gold's Gym).Over the last 16 years,I have worked in all aspects of Fitness.
Constantly involved either directly or indirectly in it.
Can not get enough. Even if I am training for a show (barely alive)
I at times would also be training 2 or 3 other people for shows,
personal clients,managing the club,etc.
Explains my 4 dimensional personality I guess.
I feel it nescessary to "understand" the pains you prescribe
(in a good dimension of course). We should all live by our words.
The direction we guide should be one "we get".
Marital status: Married.My Wife is a tolerant
Listens to: ( the good stuff.)
Music is my second passion to weight training.
My taste is very diverse.
I am just as Emotional as Physical and Music "Fuels" me.
Drives that blood through my veins like razor and locks me in.
I fucking Love it (understated)
My preferences are of Dark, Chunky, Melodic style with Deap rooted levels of emotion.
(Sevendust,Likin Park,Korn,Breaking Benjamin,40 below Summer,Cold,etc).
I am in a Band named "Blind By Noon" (check us out on -Itunes).
Just a Roadie and freind that supports,promotes,etc.
Love being on stage. Even if it's not a Bodybuilding.
I honestly want to get more into it and either learn a instrament or Sing (or both).
Motto in life: "Quality over Quantity"

Contest history:
1986 NPC CherryPoint Bodybuilding Championships
*Overall and Best poser
2001 NPC New England Bodybuilding Championships
*Overall *

" Did over a dozen more National and Regional shows
through these past 20 years.
It's been an amazing couple of decades."


ZONE:Tell us abit about yourself who are Gerry Blais!
GERRY:To Define myself would be a complex task.
Basically, I am a someone who grew up in a family enviroment
of diverse emotion combined with constant need to find myself
or invent my own "persona".
Shy artistic and very sensitive would describe myself.
I never ever strived to be normal in anything.
Even at a young age,I pushed myself to better myself and "go against the grain".
I started officially weight training at the age of 9 years old.
I took initiatives to create workout plans, change them up, expiriment with Protein,
suppplements( yes!!.. at 9 years old ).
I stated full throttle and never, ever, stopped trying harder.
I would skip school to lift weights.
In the Military, I would hid in the barracks when every went out for
their long runs so I could go to the gym and workout with weights instead.
Almost got in trouble a few times..LOL.
As the years went on and I continued my "self invented-vision"
for a better than last time mindframe, it helped be be a structured determined
individual that has learned more in the Mental game of Life
to be be strong in Mind and the Body will follow.
Gerry Blais is a man who holds himself accountable to his own actions,
words and trust that people have invested in.
His purpose in life is to simply create challenges ahead..
.fight like Hell to get there and Fucking bash through it and go further.
It's NEVER enough to be Normal. It's not enough.

ZONE: LOL! How did you came to the conclusion to really
start your freaky "body modifications"?
GERRY:I guess every kid growing up envisioned themselves as a Superhero
or Action hero that we read about in the comics.
My favorite was Conan the Barbarian.
I loved comics(still do).
Wrestling on T.V also provided another place to look at for Superfreaky,
flashy identities that we would all admit to being pretty cool.
I still do.
At one point we all get in our heads that one particular bodypart
looks cool if it's "extra noticable".
It's enpowering and addicting.
*(Something a lot of people do not know is Gerry was the guy who trained
WWE "Chyna" to noticable fame before blowing up to the Superstar she became!!
He trained herl like an Animal for 2 years from 160-195 pounds! )

Wrestling is nothing that personally interested me.
I like my schedule-dependant-over compulsive life.
Living on the Road gives ne anxiety just thinking about it.
Joanie did very well though and I am still very happy for her.

ZONE: You told me The judges always score ya low
because of your "modifications".

GERRY: Yeah...In 2001 I took the Overall in the NPC New Englands.
At that point, my arms were reasonably "suspect"
but looked pretty much normalcompared to my physique.
Had them at 20 inches when down to contest weight of 186 pounds (dry).
As the years went on, hundreds of brutal workouts,
as well as the addition of a "certain substance",
my arms got a little out of
I had taken a few years off from competing and trained myself
like an amimal for the 2004 New Englands.
Got down to 190 and looking acceptable in my own expectations.
Problem was is that my arms were now more noticable in relation to my body.
The were measuring 22.5 at contest weight and I am only 5'8'!
I got Disqualified that night...
It took me awhile and a lot of humility to accept my faults and mistakes.
You think something looks good to "you" and lose sight of what "others" think.
At the time the IFBB and NPC were getting a bit sensitive
with Synthol but had no rules to officially enforce.
Judges were told to mrak down "anything of unordinary porportion".
My show was the first time I saw anyone get D'Q'd and it turns out being
I went completely off what I was doing(without getting into specifics)
and have worked year after year to come in better.
Year after year I show up presenting a better package but the never
allow my to place of place higher than 5th.
The want me to go away.
It's not easy to stop a stubborn mule. My Wife can attest to that:)

ZONE:You work fulltime as a personal trainer right? Tell us about it.
GERRY:I have been involved in Personal Training
since I was managing that gym in the Service.
I remember doing diets and workouts for people in the
beginning and the feeling it gave me.
I was being Trusted and it felt good to know I would
have influence in that person's goal.
I at on point was specifially training competitive bodybuilers.
That is an area of extreme need for precision.
To dial yourself in for a competition is one thing but to take full
control of someone that barely knows their own is surreal.
I am in an mostly average gym stting now with mostly Woman
of 40-70 at bodyfat levels of 30-50%.
A lot diffrent when its time to break out the calipers. Break is right;)

ZONE:What is the best part of this sport?
GERRY:The best part of this sport is one you never see.
It's the deap down feelings of respect one gets from committing
and sacrificing every ounce of yourself and seeing it through.
I am going on 40 and I never felt better in my life.
Pushing myself and holding true to my convictions has made me the man I am.
The greatest thing in this sport is what you get from the sport yourself.
You can let it help you or hurt you.
The choice is always there for you to take.

ZONE:And the worst part?
GERRY:The disgusting underground world of recreational drugs.

ZONE:What is your diet like?
GERRY:I eat clean all year round.
Incorporate Protein powders and bars only in Off-season.
Never drink Alcohol at all.
It's been 17 years now.
No drugs or partying either. Just work +, workout + Wife.

ZONE:And what about your training. Offseason & before a show?
GERRY:Training is always differnt.
I am constantly expirimenting with ideas and using on myself and clients.
If I had to off one soild thing in my training that never changes
integrity is keeping session short and intense as possible.
You are not going to believe me but there were times when
I would only do 2-3 sets per workout. That's it! About 5-7 minutes!!
People would be in the bathroom for more than that time.
I found a happy upper and bottom line of 6-10 sets maximum.
That works for me.
Ever set taken to failure and no Cardio.
The rest is Diet.

ZONE:Where do you think most people go wrong before a show?
GERRY:Most people go wrong,when they start listening
to their "so-called" buddies when they should just stay on the path
and see it through.
Mind frame a week out from a show is not exactly stable
and the freinds offering advice or criticism only makes it worse.
The last week your freinds and family should just ignore you.
Other than that its over dehydration.
People cutting water 3 days plus prior.
I drink up to 3 gallons a day up until the night before.

ZONE:Who is your bigest inspiration & rolemodell thru the years?
GERRY:I have no inspiration in Bodybuilding with no disrespect intended.
I just never aspired to "Bodybuilding" in that way.
I used myself as my inspration and something to use through
many years of mistakes and achievemnt.
I know that sounds selfish but that is my take on it.

ZONE:Future plans?
GERRY:I wake every morning and go full throttle
till I can no longer stand at the end.
Get up the next day and repeat.