Full name:
Guy Anthony Grundy
-My Dad wanted to call me Butch.
I think he was angry at me when I was born to want to call me that!
Just had my Birthday on July 9th 1970.
180cm or 5ft 11.
Training since:
I started training at 11, I took all my measurements and everything.
I remember my arms were like 10 inches back then. I would train every day for hours.
I think I was over training a little LOL
Competing since:
The first time I competed was back in 1986 or so.
I was third last in that show, but I beat the other kid from Caloundra
gym who was my main competition. He got second last and I took home third last.
I counted that as a win for me. I really started competing and knowing a little about
what I was doing in 1992 when I won my first State title.
I was hooked from that point on wards
Off-season weight:
I have been as heavy as 282lbs
Contest weight:
I looked my best around 230-235lbs.
I walk around now at 230lbs these days at around 7% or so.
Currant residence:
I live in Los Angeles, California
I own various businesses in the health and fitness industry. was my first successful business,
I originally did EVERYTHING for the site to get it started.
My latest business venture is my DVD series
I feel blessed as I am able to make a very good living doing what I enjoy.
I know you know how that feels Zone!
Marital status:
I am married to Kiyoko, she is a very traditional Japanese woman and keeps me in line.
I never knew a 100lb woman could cause a man so much fear when he is a bad boy!
LOL. I have been well and truly tamed.
Listens to:
I like various music, it all depends on the mood.
For Rap I like Emimem and Ludicrous, heavy music I like AC/DC, Guns and roses,
Aero Smith and when I am sparring or training intense I like Pantera.
there music is hard core, I cannot understand a word
they say but the music just drives you on.
I also like Madonna's Ray of light.
That CD got me through some real tough times in 2000.
Motto in life:
Decide and know who you choose to be in life, and become that person!
or "We all get knocked on our asses from time to time, that doesn't matter.
What does matter is that you get back up and never give up on your dreams.
Failure is life’s way of testing us!


ZONE: Tell us a bit about yourself..Whos Guy Grundy?
GUY: I was born in a Small town out side of Sydney, Australia.
My parents split two years after I was born and I lived with just about
every family member at one time or another.
Due to moving around so much I attended approx. 15 schools.
I attended so many schools that I actually went to two different schools on two occasions.
I was not taken care of as a child and suffered from malnutrition
and various other ailments as a youth.
I suffered from serve acne for a 5 year period which really affected me.
I never looked at my face in the mirror for 6 years with the light on' I was so ashamed.
It took me around 5 years after that to look people in the eye
as I was so ashamed of my skin and being down and depressed
about my life at that time that it became a habit.
I was living on the street at 16 and learnt to take care of my self from then onwards.
It was around this time I became a man. I was unable or read or write at 13.
I was a State and National athlete in numerous sports,
I was suspended by the Education Department from doing any school sports for
7 months while I attend a SPECIAL SCHOOL.
It was not the SPECIAL I was hoping for LOL.
I won the Australia on a few occasions and arrived in the USA in March of 98.
I struggled financially for the first 4 year's or so.
I placed second at the World Championships on two occasions and had $120.00
in my pocket while at the World Championships, and that was all the money I had to my name.
I retired from Bodybuilding due to injuries.
I had 3 shoulder reconstruction's during the last 2 years.
I am now a Husband and father, I am getting into acting and
a lot of Mixed martial arts and movie fighting.
I am friends with a lot of professional fighters and enjoy the sport a great deal.
Things have really turned around for me and life is Awesome for me.
From the day my daughter was born things have gone right for the Grundy's.
Each and everyday I know how blessed I am and never forget
where I came from or what I endured.

ZONE: Damned thats some tough shit bro...How did you got bit by the iron bug?

GUY: I was a really small child, I hated being small
and having the other kids hang shit on me because of it.
It really bothered me and I would always be thinking of the day I was going to be big
and never have to go through that again.
I always remember seeing this guy back home in Australia at the beach
when I was really young and he was huge.
He was the first bodybuilder I had ever seen and he impressed me so much.
Everyone was looking at him and I wanted to be that person!

ZONE: What is the best part of this sport?
GUY: The fact that you carry your hard work around with you all day and night.
It is one of the few sports where people can tell what you do just by looking at you.
You cannot say that about many sports, if your a bodybuilder, people can see it.
The majority of people that start bodybuilding do it because they want to
have muscles and look good and pick up the ladies.
To me carrying your physique around with you at all times is the best thing about the sport.
I started training because I was small and I hated being that way.
I am blessed to be in my current position and give thanks to the big man up stairs everyday.
Living in Los Angeles is a bodybuilder's dream, the weather is awesome all year round,
so you can walk around shirtless or in a tank most of the time.
Well I do anyway LOL

ZONE: And the worst part?
GUY: The main two in my opinion are 1- The drugs
that are now being used to reach the level of the elite.
It is ridiculous now, we have had a lot of deaths lately and they will only continue
as people chase the elusive goal of being the best.
It is a hard sport as you get so focused that you end up taking things that can really screw you up,
the thing is all the best drugs are generally the ones that cause the most problems.
it isn't so much the steroids anymore, it is all the other things the guys are using now.
I know a lot of guys that are taking 4 to 5 different blood pressure medications
and a whole lot more and that is just for their blood pressure
Maybe the new judging system they have brought in will change things.
Only time will tell if they can enforce these new rules.
2- The attitude of a lot of bodybuilders sucks,
they walk around thinking they are the kings of the World.
I cannot stand bodybuilders that are rude and disrespectful to others.
It is very much a part of the sport, as the guys get a little muscle and
they start thinking they are it and better than any everybody else.
Only problem is these guys are making no money, doing door work or selling drugs
and they're rude to people that are way more
successful in their careers than these looser bodybuilders.
The thing that makes me laugh is how arrogant some of these guys are at Gold's in Venice.
They loose so many business and marketing opportunities by being rude
to the wrong people and alienate so many people.
I have made so many business contacts through being courtesy and respectful to everyone I met.
My motto on meeting people is 'I treat everyone I meet with respect and friendliness
until I have a reason to treat them otherwise"
I think more bodybuilders should take on this attitude.
It would make a big difference in how they get a long in this world.
The thing to remember is a large proportion of the general public
have a very poor perception of bodybuilders as it is, so you can either use that
to your advantage and come across as a very down to earth and cool guy,
or be what they think you are and that is rude arrogant person.
One thing I really enjoy about Gold's is that they have so many professional
athletes that train their from Basket ballers, Hockey players, footballers and fighters.
I have seen a a lot stupid waanbe be tough bodybuilders mouth of to the wrong person
and they all backed down and looked as stupid as
they are for picking trouble with the wrong person.
That has happened quite often, you would be very surprised who has backed down
when some one has called them out for their shit.
It is quite amusing to be honest.

ZONE: What is your diet like?
GUY: I eat clean all year round.
I have 6 meals a day, each meal will have at least 40 g of protein and I will
manipulate my carbs depending on how I look.
I eat a very health diet, fruits, Cheeses, Milk which is my favorite drink, corn, salads,
Rice, Baked Potato, Yogurt, Bagels for my carbs and my protein comes from Turkey, Steak,
Jaki Niku - A Japanese meat! Whole eggs and egg whites.
I will have Kaizen Nutrition 100% Whey as my protein powder of choice.
I will have a junk food meal every Saturday!
I will eat what ever I want. It is generally a whole bag of choc chip and a few classes of milk.
I also enjoy McDonalds, although it has been a year since I ate there.
I think next Saturday I may drop in and see Ronald McDonald and get me some burgers LOL

ZONE: Ha ha! Whats your biggest inspiration & rolemodell thru the years?

GUY: I have different roles models for different characteristics.
I really admired Arnold as a bodybuilder,
his faith and blithe in him self and as a businessman was so strong.
I do not have the same respect now since he became Governor of California,
he is not doing a good job and seems to say he will do one thing to get voted in,
then does another once he is elected.
Up until he took over the Governorship I really looked up the man.
Lance Armstrong is a picture of focus and concentration,
what he does makes everything else look easy to me.
He is a man above men with his athletic talent.
He is without questions the most dominating sports athlete of the century in my opinion,
and the fact that he left on top just elevates him that much more.

ZONE: Future plans?
GUY: I have become involved with various businesses and have had a great success with them.
I am directing my bodybuilding energy so to speak into acting.
I have been taking acting classes for two years and have my Sag card.
My acting is coming along well and I really enjoy it.
I am also working hard on getting my movie fighting skills down which is a challenge.
I also do a lot of Mixed Martial arts training.
I study Muay Thai, Boxing for standing and Ju jitsu and submissions for ground work.
I am training with Eric Paulson who is considered one of the best trainers in the industry
at the Inosanto academy in Los Angeles, training with one of the best trainers
and fighters in the world teaches you a lot, real quick.
Thank you so much for taking the time to interview me Zone,
I have heard about you for quite a while
and feel privileged that you considered me worthy of being interviewed.
I know your little girl is keeping Daddy busy.

ZONE: Ooh thanx bro! It was all my pleasure!
GUY:Al the best Mate!