A profile on Mr. Diet
By Lil' T
Age: 27
Length: 183cm
Off season weight: 115+
Competition weight: -90, (weighed in at 87,2 kg).
Training since: -97
Current residence: Bollnäs, Sweden

I work in the medical service as an mental career.
Also at weekends I work at the door in nightclubs.

Martial status: Girlfriend Laila and my beautiful daughter Amanda

Pix from the Lucia Trophy Dec. 4:th 2004.
Listens to: house, trance, techno, hip hop.

What's your history in sports before bodybuilding?
I played icehockey in school up to an age of 14. Then I started playing golf instead, where I progressed very fast.
By the age of 16 I was ranked as one of Sweden's 20:th most promising juniors.
At this time I trained 12 hours per day, which led to that I after 2 years quit in the middle of the season and never went back to the golf course again.
18 years old weighing 67 kg I steped in to the gym instead and I've been training ever since.
A good choise I think!

Motto in life: What goes around comes around!

Who is your favourite bodybuilder?
Dorian Yates

Who or what inspired you to lose all that weight and get up on stage?

From the start I was 122 kg's and I was only thinking of loosing some weight for the summer.
But when the kilos ran of and the muscles started to show, the thought of competing came.
In the middle of the summer I decided to enter the Lucia Trophy and started dieting for real.
A wise decition!

What will you do after the lucia show?
Relax with the training and give some time back to my family, and most important EAT!
Here are some pix of Dan 3 weeks out of competition.!