A profile on finnish

by Lil' Tina


and so on...
The adjectives to describe male
bodybuilders people may think, but hey...
Welcome to the real world of year 2003!

She's all that, but she's also
beautiful and very femenine...
see for yourselvse and
tell me wrong if you can!

Welcome to the profile on
Finnish IFBB Pro Bodybilder

Quick facts on Pauliina!

31, July 31:st
Length: 5'4 / 163 cm
Off season weight: I don't weigh myself in off. I really don't go off these days, I stay in pretty good shape. Weight is maybe around 160-165lbs (73-75 kg).
Competition weight: In year 2002 Ms. International the weight was 153lbs (70 kg).
Current residence: Los Angeles
Occupation: Personal trainer and author

Listens to:
I love trans techno, but listen to all kind of music. Andreas Boccehelli is one of my favourite of classical music.

Motto in life: Keep the positive attitude no matter what and never give up!
I always keep my basic positive attitude and that made lot of things possible. Including making my biggest dream come true, moving to USA.

History in sports before becoming a pro bodybuilder:
I have long sport history. I'm very gifted in sport. I started dancing ballet when I was 4 years old. After that I have done and tried basically all the sports there is:) I have played basketball, volleyball, ice-skating, swimming, track and field, you name it I've done it :)

Do you have any good tips for someone like myself when it comes to training:
Right form is very important! I believe doing movements in full range of motion. And give new shock to your muscles all the time!
You have to force the muscles to grow. That you will do by changing system for example every week. Keep shorter and longer rests between the sets do super sets, drop sets, so shock is the thing!
OK, I'll have to try the shocking part =)
Amateur bb shows:
World Champion qualifier winner,
4th place IFBB World Champions,
Finnish National Champion + Over all Winner
Got Pro status year 2000 and
after that competed in Jan Tana +
got invitation to Ms. International show 2 times.

I think you've made yourself a great career of the bodybuilding and has taken the opportunities that's been given to you in a really positive way… Tell us some of the media exposure you've got?
In Finland I have been featured in different talk shows on TV. Also the main TV channel made my own documentary and that made 10 most watched TV show list. I have been featured lot of different magazines. Major one was cover and 10 page story to very high profile magazine what reads politicians, ministers, business people, our President. That was big honour to me and opened lot of doors for me. Here is States I have been for example in documentary call " Secrets of Muscle Beach" what came out in Travel Channel, Arlish show, Good Day LA. More info in my website and in media link.
Check out Pauliinas website
to read more on this, she's been everywere I'll tell ya!

I know you're about to finish a book any day now...
can you tell the world a little about it?
The book
project is wonderful and I'm almost done. The book is coming out in September first in Finnish markets and then later on this year here in States. It's about training and nutrition.
I have been bringing lot of people to bodybuilding and fitness shows and they all placed top 3. I have also trained people in other sports, who are world top class athletes. Now was the right time to write good book and chare my knowledge how to keep getting results. For example I chare my "secret" how to get legs and calves like mine :-)
Can you send me a copy?? *smile*
The biggest Scandinavian Fitness & Health Expo ever is the 4-5:th of October in Lahti, Finland. I'll bee there in the B & K Sportmagazine's booth signing and selling my book. So I'm more than happy to welcome all people to come there and say hi to me :-)!
I shure will try to bee there...

You are very photogenic and seem to love the attention, can you see differences in how people react to you in Scandinavia/Europe and the States?
There is difference in our and US culture. People back home are not so open and they rather watch and "respect" you having a little distance.
But in my case I have no problem to gather people around me. I love to talk to people! I don't place my self any higher place than regular people. I think we're all equal and human, so I guess people sense that and they have no problem to come and talk to me.
Here in States people come to say easily how good and great I look. People are more open and give compliments more easily.

Future goals in life and training:
I'm focusing now on creating my business.
I moved to LA to make my dreams come true and one of my biggest dreams is to create a successful business. That includes for example more books:-)
As looking from an athlete point of view, I have still hunger to compete. I'm very realistic and know my strength and weaknesses. I can do well and the goal is to get good placements.
I love this sport all the way and no matter what, I'll never stop training!

Thanx for taking the time to do this interview Pauliina,
I know you have a hectic time with the book and all!
I wish you all the best with the release, you're a roalmodel
for all of us hardtraining women out there. Keep doing
the good job on telling the world that we can do it too!
All the best!
/Lil' T