AT 300LBS!

Rich Pianna is one of my absolute favourite new freaks
climbing the ranks of our sport! At 6'0 & a crazy 300lbs he got the look of a bad boy
with tons of attitude, but talk to the guy & you will find someone whos totally
laid back & friendly!
Rich Piana is all BAD IN A GOOD WAY!

" I went on a cruise about 6 weeks ago & hit 300 for the first time
& took these shots the day after we got back...
I ate crap for 8 days straight it was great!!
Very water logged & bloated but I got pictures at 300lbs.
Ive been dieting & doing cardio since the cruise and am down to 280 looking much better.
I'll never go up that high again but always wanted to hit 300.

As of now Rich is training for the usa & the nationals.

His current training split is looking like this:
Day 1- chest, front delts, side delts
Day 2- arms
Day 3- hams, calves
Day 4- back, rear delts, traps
Day 5- arms Day 6- quads, glutes

And current diet:
pre-workout shake
post-workout shake
8oz chicken
2 cups rice shake or 8
oz chicken shake 8oz chicken

------------Good luck FREAK!------------