"Been dieting for 8 weeks and doing 30 min cardio gunning for USA in 3 months.
Ive lost about 19 pounds from starting weight of 300.
Ive decided to back out of show but going to continue to lean out.
I love bodybuilding more than anything else and that is the problem.
I am willing to do whatever it takes to win and I lose all perspective
on everything else family, wife, dogs, work, health etc.
Its an addiction Ive had since the first time I stepped on stage at 16,
that Ive been fighting for the last 7 years. "

"Ive retired from bodybuilding about 6 times and cant stay away.
This time around the same as every time around I wrote out my program
(cycle) for the show and said this is all Im going to do.
Ive changed and added things three different times all ready because
Im obsessed and willing to do whatever it takes.
Im a crazed maniac that is in love with something that is killing me!!"

"Hadn't trained back or legs for years, just started 8 weeks ago legs came up fine
back still had a long ways to go.
Legs and back are my best body parts when I train them.
But they over power my physique so I only train them before a show.